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Samsung Ice Maker Disassembly

Model: DA97-07365ARating: AC 115V, 60 Hz Today we are taking apart another ice maker! I love ice makers. They’re little mini-appliances sold inside of other appliances, made to fit. Here ya go! Seems like a very very simple “control board”, if you want to call it that. Just a few capacitors (I thought they wereContinue reading “Samsung Ice Maker Disassembly”

Microwave paint, beer-bottle candle holders, and more washing machine paint

So in prepping to paint the microwave (i.e. cleaning the interior), I may have found the real problem (see last week’s blog for context). From my reading, it seems like a damaged wave-guide can cause arching (and could possibly explain the bad smell?) so while I still am painting it, I asked the microwave’s ownerContinue reading “Microwave paint, beer-bottle candle holders, and more washing machine paint”

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